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Autumn Love!

Light it. Smell it.



Revel in many layers of sophistication when you wear My Pink Peony eau de parfum by Waxessence. This dazzling scent takes you on a flowery voyage with hints of mandarin and grapefruit that collide with fragrant cedar, playful pink peonies, and pink pepper to leave you feeling beautiful and, dare we say, sexy. It is light for everyday wear yet memorable enough for a sultry date night.


Wild, Hot, Unpredictable!

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Waterlily + Rosehip

Waterlily + Rosehip

Fresh ocean vibes drift away on breezy notes of pine and rosehip.

Coconut + Midnight Amber

Sensual jasmine intermingles with milky coconut and deep, warm amber notes in a sultry, forbidden escapade.
Coconut + Midnight Amber