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Cashmere Plum Reed Diffuser | Essenza Gloss White | Aromatherapy Home Decor | Diffuser Oil | 6.8 fl. oz

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This fruity perfume has a comfortable warmth about it that is always welcoming. The dark plum center is enhanced by bright citrus and a dash of black cherry.
Base notes of amber, honey, and vanilla maintain the scent's richness, while musk and freesia offer a mild earthy character.
This fragrance contains natural essential oils such as cedar, bergamot, and clary sage.

Top: Citrus
Middle: Black Cherry, Plum
Base: Vanilla, Freesia, Amber, Light Musk, Sugar

Reed diffusers are a low-maintenance, flame-free solution to fill a room with aroma on a constant basis. The beautiful perfume of this WaxEssence Oil Diffuser will revitalize any space in your home.

Height 3.3 inches approx. 84 mm approx.
Diameter 3.3 inches approx. 84 mm approx.
Volume 6.8 fluid ounces approx. 200 ml approx.


Dacron Diffuser Reeds provide the most recent technology in fragrance diffusers, outperforming ordinary rattan/reed sticks.
The synthetic fiber reed is suitable with both oil and water-based diffuser solutions. They are not intended to bleed color into the diffuser liquid and are less likely to discolor than traditional rattan/reed stick diffusers.

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