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Coconut Soleil Home Candle | Luxury Candle | Home Decor | Aromatherapy | Black Nordic Ceramic Tumbler | Soy Wax | 13.5 fl. oz.

$25.00 USD
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Coconut Soleil envelops you in the distinctive, familiar aroma of coconut and banana suntan lotion, capturing all the joy and relaxation of a beach holiday. Fruity pineapple top notes are blended into mid notes of banana and coconut, then completed with a touch of vanilla and tonka bean for a beachy vibe. With Coconut Soleil, a smell that is appropriate for any space in your home, summer vacation doesn't have to stop.

Vessel: With a rounded base for a streamlined appearance, our Black Nordic Ceramic Tumblers are stylish but unassuming. These ceramic tumblers are stunning pieces of decor for any environment, with a modern, soft-touch matte finish. The bamboo lid gives a sophisticated touch.